Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Butter Pecan

Hi Chula's how is your week going? 
I hope everyone is staying positive this week, it is hard staying positive sometimes trust me, what I do for me in my daily routine I wake up and thank god for another day and also wake up with a positive thought it usually helps since I am not a very nice person in the mornings. But I am working on it I don't want the days to be in charge of me I want to be in charge of my days, so through out the day no matter how ppl can annoy me at times I try to smile and breath it helps. Practicing to be positive daily really changes you and helps you become a better person:)

Anyways.. I am So excited for Spring wishing I was in SD to enjoy the beautiful weather and sunsets, but since I'm here in NorCal I will enjoy it and make it the best I can. In love with pastels and bright colors also It can't be springfashion without florals💗🌸  I have tons of ideas on how I am going to rock lots of pieces from last year and new stuff as well, so stay tuned My Chula's 😘

Now for  outfit Details:
Shorts & Bag- Tjmaxx (In Store)
Sandals- Aldo (old)
Mint tunic- M's Clothing (In Store)
Ivory Lace Bralett wearing under- VS PINK
Shades- Guess purchased at Tjmaxx

"Be in Charge of your Mood and Emotions, don't let things you cannot control ruin your days. Make yourself Happy"