Sunday, August 31, 2014

Coral Bliss

Hi  Chicas
How is your Weekend Going??
I was going to pack away this Blouse Because I been Putting away Most of My summer clothes and this blouse was one of the buys I didn't get to wear out, but I got in one of those moves and decided to wear it today and put this together..Summer is almost gone, and here in the Bay feels like Fall is here already. Anyways on my next post I will be adding My wish list for Fall is shorts and simple, since I have so much from last year. I am also going to be adding more stuff to my Poshmark account so you guys can shop My closet =) Also don't forget to subscribe here.. I want to start a fun segment on the Blog, but I don't know what to call it????????^_^ 

Here's for outfit Details

Bebe- Jeans here
Blouse- Kohls (In-Store)
Heels- Ross (Store)
Clutch- H&M (old)
Headband (charlotterusse)

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