Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Herringbone & Bourgogne


How's your week so far? Mine is been busy, but so glad we get two days off yay!
So I stopped at CR the other day it's been months since I shop there and I wanted to see their shoe collection, but nothing click I came across this gorgeous feminine tights so sexy for only $8 and this chevron dress I have had my eye on since I saw it online, luckily it was on sale for only $15 and ofcourse I saw the perfect Cardigan for fall that you saw me wearing on my previous post. Anyways CR shopping was a success I might stop there again soon ^_^

Charlotte Russe Tights: (Here)
Charlotte Russe Dress: (Similar)
Sam & Libby Pumps: (Here)
Phillip Lim Handbag (Sold Out)

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