Saturday, October 5, 2013

Baby Pink Blush

Hello, Chulas

If you have follow me for a while now you know that I like to keep things simple most of the time. I do have lots of jewelry,but I feel that too much sometimes is overwhelming. Anyways this shoes are so freaking Sexy I love them I don't own many white pairs of shoes, now that I think of it I think this is my second pair of white/ivory heels. Whenever I go online shopping I have to be 110% that I need it in My life otherwise I don't waste My time or money. Be a smart shopper and always use coupon codes =>

Outfit Details

Bebe-  Pants/ Forever 21- Blouse /H&M- Handbag

Heels: Wild Diva Lounge here

"Always Keep your eyes open. Keep Watching. Because Whatever you see Can Inspire you"
"Doing What you Like is freedom, Loving what you do is Happiness"