Thursday, May 26, 2016

Twirl in Black and White

Hi, Chula's 

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I am a full time student now and have been busy for the last couple of months. Finally the semester is over for me and I get to do some of the things that I enjoy to pass time and because I love dressing up and sharing my style with you all. When I was in school I almost never dressed up. One because I was lazy in the mornings and two because I had a gym class so what was the point if I was going to be sweaty anyways. So the only go to outfits for school were flats -__- yoga pants and a cute top. So I'm finally done with that and honestly I don't think I'll take a gym class for a while in school. I am planning on going back to work soon thou because I don't want to go too long without working. I don't think any of you know but I am a Medical Assistant and I'm working on getting my Nursing degree slowly but surely. Anyways, I have an exciting trip coming up to Fiji ^__^ and I am so happy I always wanted to go there so will see. I'll take lots of pictures to share. Okay, now for my latest look.



Skirt & Sash: Bebe
Handbag: Tjmaxx
Shoes: Aldoshoes 
Lipstick: Mary Jo by Kyliecosmetics

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