Thursday, January 10, 2013

DIY Nailpolish Rack

Hi, guys So I decided to make my own mini nailpolish rack and for being my first time working with wood i think it came out pretty GOOD :)

Cost: Under $30
What I used:
1. One Long Thin piece of Wood I found it at the back of the store for $5 (Homedepot)
2. Spray Paint Lavender $7 (Homedepot)
3. Glue Gun & glue sticks $10 (Homedepot)
4. Decor Cover Printed Paper, StyroFoam & Super Glue $1 each (DollarStore)
Everything else I used like the wood cutting machine, rulers, sharpies, finished sand paper My hubby already had. :)

First Find your Long piece of wood about 40" long so you can be able to cut it in Half to make the shelves.
After cutting in half set a side the Main 20" piece of wood and start working on your shelves, I measured them 2" wide using a sharpie on both ends of the wood board to make sure they come out straight. After you Measure them you can start cutting one by one as you can see on the pic.

After you're Done Cutting all shelves, Smooth them out with sand paper (not sure if that's the correct name) but it looks like the picture above and I used it to smooth out the edge's. 

Make Sure to Measure the Main Wood Board 4" apart on both ends that's were you will place your shelves. Start to glue them with the glue gun, make sure to be quick because the glue dry's up within 15 seconds, or you will have to start over.

 Measure up the styrofoam 20" Long and 2" Wide to make the side shelves, after that all you have to do is decorate them with decor printed paper or whichever other you may pick, I only used the styrofoam because I didn't have enough wood, but it turn out ok.

Time For Paint, I used the brush to smooth it out. Let it dry over night or use a heater for within 4-5 hours for the paint to be dry.

Using super glue to add the styrofoam shelves on both sides.

If done correctly it should like the picture above.

The Finished Look, Hubby helped Me put it against the wall in My Shoecloset/Vanity Makeup Room.


Happy DIY =>

Let me know if you have questions.